A New Addition to Handle Tasks

I started a company with a group of friends last winter. We were all pretty good at knitting, and decided that it would be a good idea to knit hats that people could wear in the cold weather. Since we’re so small, we’ve been handling everything ourselves, from production of the hats, to marketing, sales, and customer service. Doing all of these things made us feel tired every day. We had a company meeting and decided that it would be best to look at one of the corporate secretarial services so that we could hire someone else to do some of the work.

Having less of a focus on some of the other tasks would give us more time to make hats to add to our inventory. It would also give us time to make changes to our website to give it a more professional look. The website we started out with was basically one of those free templates that anyone can get when they create an account. They serve their purpose well, but they don’t really make the website stand out that much, and they’re limited in the kinds of features that can be used by the site creator and the visitors.

Some time has passed since we hired the secretary, and she’s done some great work. It’s a bit warmer now, so not as many people need knitted has as they did during the winter, but there are still some who buy them. They can order them directly through our updated website, and our secretary helps with sending messages to the customers. We’ve been able to knit a lot of hats that we’ll be able to sell when the temperate gets colder again. It would be great if we can exceed the demand that we had last winter.