Cool Kid Toy is a Foam Jigsaw Puzzle

I noticed that it is the basic toys that kids play with the most. We have a neighbor boy that uses a stick to mimic a weed trimmer. He helps us when we are out mowing the lawn. I grew up with all kinds of toys, but my mother said I preferred plastic containers and building blocks. That makes sense as I like to build and make things as an adult. A favorite toy at our house with the young ones is a foam jigsaw puzzle we bought. It is like a foam mat when put together. It is cushiony like a bathroom mat. It has 54 individual pieces made of foam that kids can put together.

I have no idea how many times that puzzle has been taken apart and put back together again, but it is holding up quite well to little fingers and hands that can be unintentionally quite destructive. They seem to like to watch it come together again and again like kids like to play the same movie over and over again. I don’t think I ever had the desire to build the same puzzle twice, but kids are different. Plus, it teaches them hand and eye coordination, and they have to solve the geometric and other issues a puzzle presents. The foam seems to hold up great even when you have a little hand trying to force a piece to fit where it does not.

Whoever thought up this foam jigsaw puzzle came up with a great toy idea for kids. It can be built on the floor, and there is no problem if you step on a piece as it is made of foam. If you have a pet that thinks every soft thing is a toy for him, you might need the kids to make sure to not leave the pieces laying around so they do not get chewed.