Doing Some Work on the Grid

I needed some work and I did not mind the fact that this involves a large amount of physical effort. I am working at the head of a crew which is clearing brush out of the power line right of ways for a couple of the major energy providers in texas. It is not a well established company and so we do not have a huge amount of equipment that is sparkling new and I am mostly working with stuff that is sort of hard used equipment. I got the job because I have experience all of my life in fixing this sort of stuff on my grandfather’s ranch. I was working on this sort of stuff when I was not able to see over the wheels in fact, although for the most part I would just be handing wrenches to the person who was doing the job. I picked it all up over time though and I am mostly in this job to be sure that all of this old stuff does not sit idle when we should be using it to grind stumps and chip wood.

The job is a lot of work and the pay is just okay, but I am in a situation where I need any sort of money that I can get. I took off the Winter semester because of several things. The most important thing is that there was nothing available for me to help me to get to graduation. What was available was available to me on the web without staying in College Station. At the same time I need to be able to not work in the Spring semester. The hope is that I will be able to get all of the classes that I need to graduate and focus on them.