Family Always Offers the Best Help

A cousin of mine asked me to visit him in Las Vegas, and I took a flight out there. He travels from place to place because he’s in the military, and the sight of his latest home was a single apartment in Las Vegas. I asked him how he liked living out there and he said he loved it. He told me I should get one of the Las Vegas Grand Apartments and move over here. I wasn’t really in the mood to move out to a new location, especially since I had a job in another state.

After I got back from my trip to Las Vegas, I got a call from my boss. The told me that he would be laying off everyone in my division because the company just didn’t have enough funds to support us all. I was shocked and devastated at the same time. My means of earning income had just been taken away from me in the breath of a couple of sentences. I wasn’t sure what I would do to earn money from that point on. I had a little bit of savings to carry me for a while, but that wasn’t enough.

I talked to my cousin again and he told me that he could help me out of my stick situation. He wanted to help me get an apartment and give me some money until I could get a job and get back on my feet. I couldn’t really say no to a proposal like that, so I moved to Las Vegas, my brother gave me the money and I lease an apartment in the same building as him. A month later, I was able to find a job in Vegas in the same field that I had before I was laid off.