Finding a Nice Place to Live in North Dallas, Texas

I did not realize how big Texas is until we moved there. It is kind of like a country unto itself, and you can find some Texans that are okay with that idea. Their gross domestic product is huge. Not as big as their big neighbor on the west Coast, but still massive. They probably could become a country if they really wanted too. My wife and I were just interested in securing a little place for ourselves, and we picked a really nice apartment in North Dallas to move into. It is so nice having a place that has a swimming pool, and The Oaks of North Dallas has three of them. Plus, the pools have cabanas and cascading fountains. This makes it sort of our own little resort getaway that is actually home year round now.

We both work, and we like having our new place to come home too. It is affordable to us, we make our rent payments online, and they are pet-friendly. Our dog, Roscoe, is happy too. We take him over to the dog park every day. He gets to sniff everything and mark some new territory daily. It might be a dog’s life, but it is just what old Roscoe likes. Years ago it was hard to find apartments that were pet-friendly. Finally, landlords are getting it that pet owners are some pretty responsible people. We even have pet insurance on Roscoe!

The apartment is perfectly sized for us. However, Roscoe still takes up the same amount of real estate on the bed at night. For our vehicles, there is free gated parking. That is a nice feature. I like the security of it. There is also a nightly courtesy patrol. That is a nice security feature too. We like it here, and Roscoe would give it the thumbs up too. That is, if he had thumbs.