I Am in Florida on Vacation

Of course this is a really lucky thing for me, but I planned it so that it would work out. This friend of mine grew up right across the street from me, the two of us were close all through school and even in college. Our mothers were close friends too and he comes back to see her every year for a couple of weeks. I usually see him when I visit my mom and we go out. At any rate this year I traded apartments with him, he lives in Tampa Bay and if you click here you can see just how nice this place is. I asked him how much it costs and he did not tell me more than it was a lot. In fact it was perfect for me. He has a boat, a Bayliner and he told me that I could use that too. They have a boat storage thing at the apartment complex. If you want to go out, then you call them up and tell them that you are on the way.

Gina and I went out this morning and I did a little fishing while she got some sun. I do not know exactly how, but we stumbled into a cove where a bunch of people were boating in the nude. It was not nearly the teenage fantasy that you might have. Obviously I do not really want to look at men without their shorts on, but the same is true of a lot of the women. It was not something that I was excited about. At the same time there were a bunch of fish jumping and so I cast into the middle of the scrum. They had some bait fish trapped up against the shore and I caught this big sea bass.