I Am Looking at This House

I have been down here in Arizona for about three months now and it looks as though I am going to be here for the foreseeable future. I actually like it up in the mountains here, you can even go skiing here in the highest altitudes. At any rate I decided that this house was a really good deal and I liked the fact that it was out of the city, however when I got to looking around I found some issues. I need to find out what it will cost to do bee removal in Scottsdale. I am not sure if these are Africanized bees or not, but the fact that they might be is plenty of reason for me to think that I need someone who knows what they are doing. From watching TV I know that these bees are very aggressive and of course I have issues with bee stings to start with.

My brother had to get shots of benadryl all of the time when we were kids, he was incredibly allergic to bee stings and other stuff like that. I am not precisely allergic to them I do not think, but then I have had issues. The one case might have happened to anyone. I was fishing with this buddy of mine and I looked up and saw him about a quarter of a mile away running like he was on fire. I figured out why really quickly. He had stirred up a nest of yellow jackets and they started to sting me like crazy. One or more of them got me on the lips and I swelled up really bad. It was enough to make me think that I do not want to try out that swarm of bees in the outbuilding any time soon.