I Have Some Scholarship Offers Now

Of course it does not hurt me that the rest of our track team is really not very good. That gives me all sorts of opportunities to show off for the college scouts. It is an easy thing for me to stand out when there are so many events that I am taking part in and obviously there are going to be schools that need all of the things I do, but I need to get a lot better. If you click here you can see this place where I want to go this summer, because they have a lot of experience in the field of training track athletes. In fact they are not going to do it for free and that is why it is very likely that I am not going to be able to go to any of the events that they are going to have this summer, but instead I am going to work to try to find out what I need. I have been really wondering what event is going to get me the best offers for scholarships.

I am doing all sorts of things now, some of them which I am quite obviously not that great at. Like for instance a lot of the time I run the 1500 meter and I can do a good time in that, but I am not going to win and if there is good competition there is not much chance that I am going to get a good finish. I am competitive at the 800 meter race and at 400 meters. Some of the time I win both of those distances, but I run hurdles in long distances and short ones. That is something where I can win at all of the distances, because I just have the right physique for it.