I Just Moved in with Meredith

Of course this is a really big step for me and I suppose that I am a bit scared of how it will work out. The truth is that she is clearly the boss in this arrangement. She has a much better job than I do, in fact she does not hardly have to leave the place when she does not want. I was looking at other apartments for Kingsport TN, but she kept telling me that I could move in with her. In fact she has a lot of room in this place, it is a two bedroom apartment where she has a home office in the extra bedroom, along with a really nice exercise bike. At any rate she does not need my help with the rent and is not asking for it. She literally makes three times what I do, which is a little embarrassing to be honest. However the truth is that she could probably get paid without showing up or doing any work, since her family owns the insurance company that she works for and they all love her.

At any rate the only problem is my dog, although this place will allow you to have one cat and one dog, which is what we would have since she already has a cat. However I have a full size dog, and there is a limit on the size of the dog you can have. They have a 200 dollar non refundable pet fee and the dog has to be 20 pounds or less, and it has to be neutered or spayed. My dog is a great big happy Labrador retriever. He is at least twice that big and so friendly that it can really annoy people. He is not neutered or spayed either and he does not really obey that great.