I Moved for the Sake of My Family

My sister called and told me that she needed help. She had just had a baby and her boyfriend had left her while they were looking for apartments in Simpsonville SC together. She had no job and didn’t know what to do. I had originally been planning on moving out there last year because we have always been close together, but I decided not to when she found her new boyfriend. I never liked him much, and did not want to be in the way or cause problems. But now I knew she needed me, and I thought quickly making the move out there to where she was versus her coming to me instead.

I live in the western portion of the US, and I have never loved it. My sister and I both grew up in South Carolina and I missed it. It feels like home to me. But I had a job where I was living. I told her that I would think eveything over and get back to her the next day. I sat down and looked over my finances, and I knew that I had enough money saved so that I could make the move, have time to find a new job and support my sister and the new baby. I decided to do it.

I actually rented an apartment online without having to even be present. I got a two bedroom place and paid for the first and last month online as well. This allowed my sister to move in quickly, while I rushed to pack up my old apartment. I gave notice at my job, and I was excited about the move. It only took me 2 weeks to get everything done and I was on my way. I was happy that I was going to meet my new niece and be with family again.