Located Close to Nature Trails

Sometimes clicking on a website is here link really pays off in the long run. I live in Atlanta, GA which as many know is an enormous city located on the East Coast. It’s actually one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and that has become an increasing problem for me. It was bad enough ten years ago, but now it’s getting so bad I actually considered leaving for a smaller city. Unfortunately, my job keeps me here. I simply can’t just quit and move so I’m stuck here with increasing commute times and all the noise.

My father listened to me complain about all the noise and people and suggested I try to find a place to live that is near parks and maybe some sort of nature trail. He thought maybe if I could just get away from the noise a few times a week, I would find living here more bearable. I was surprised I had never thought about this before. Atlanta does have some nature spaces, but they aren’t near where I currently live. So I resolved to move if necessary to get back to nature and maybe find some peace of mind along the way.

I did research online with a focus on finding places that were near nature areas and parks. There weren’t as many as I thought. It took me some time until I found the link I mentioned above. Right there on the page it mentioned that you get direct access to the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area & the Silver Comet Trail! Perfect! I’ve been there before and it’s exactly what I needed. I went over to look and it is indeed extremely close. Coupled with the beautiful apartments, I couldn’t wait to sign the contract. I can’t wait to move in and hit that trail!