My Neighbor the Hunter and Fisherman

My neighbor is a huge outdoor enthusiast. He has to cook at his fire pit on the weekends, and he is up before dawn to get into the woods during all hunting seasons. He is really big on hunting white tail deer. I see him go outside in the wee hours of the morning in his various hunting and fishing outdoor clothing outfits. He takes his adult son with him very often, and his daughter and wife also go hunting and fishing too. They make quite a picture going out as a group all dressed in camo gear.

They fill their freezers with meat they eat during the winter months and into the next spring and early summer. They do not make a fortune in money, and this is a way for them to actually feed the family. My neighbor usually uses a bow when hunting. He has had it for a very long time. He has a few old guns. Not antiques, just regular shotguns and hunting rifles. Nothing extravagant, so his meat gathering is really more about feeding his family than it being a sport to him. However, I do know that he likes the thrill of the hunt as well. I cannot get around that.

I used to hunt when I was younger, but I gave it up. I know all about field dressing animals and preparing meat to eat. I wonder how my other friends who enjoy a good roast or steak would feel if they had to hunt for their own food? It sure does give you a different perspective on things. Anyway, my neighbor is very connected to the roots of life around here. It is still very rural with a family history of being connected to the land and animals. My neigbor is a hunter, and the type of guy that would give your the shirt off his back.