Moving a Difficult Luxury Property

The Denver luxury real estate market can be a real problem to navigate. Really, most luxury real estate markets can present a host of challenges to the discerning property flipper with an eye to making a small bundle on a piece of property. I think most people are aware that the 2008 financial crisis really put a damper on the real estate market. They had been overbuilding for years, and it became apparent when the bottom fell out. Remember all those shows back then about people flipping property and making big bucks? You don’t see them much nowadays.

I still dabble in flipping properties, but not as much as I did fifteen years ago. If I see something good pop up on the radar, though, I will jump on it. I thought I saw something that would make me a lot of money in Denver about a year ago, so I had my people make an offer and snatched it up for a song. Continue reading Moving a Difficult Luxury Property

I Have Some Scholarship Offers Now

Of course it does not hurt me that the rest of our track team is really not very good. That gives me all sorts of opportunities to show off for the college scouts. It is an easy thing for me to stand out when there are so many events that I am taking part in and obviously there are going to be schools that need all of the things I do, but I need to get a lot better. If you click here you can see this place where I want to go this summer, because they have a lot of experience in the field of training track athletes. Continue reading I Have Some Scholarship Offers Now

Family Always Offers the Best Help

A cousin of mine asked me to visit him in Las Vegas, and I took a flight out there. He travels from place to place because he’s in the military, and the sight of his latest home was a single apartment in Las Vegas. I asked him how he liked living out there and he said he loved it. He told me I should get one of the Las Vegas Grand Apartments and move over here. I wasn’t really in the mood to move out to a new location, especially since I had a job in another state.

After I got back from my trip to Las Vegas, I got a call from my boss. The told me that he would be laying off everyone in my division because the company just didn’t have enough funds to support us all. I was shocked and devastated at the same time. My means of earning income had just been taken away from me in the breath of a couple of sentences. Continue reading Family Always Offers the Best Help

Ran Away to Vegas and Never Looked Back

It seems like time flies by so quickly. Last year I was living a completely normal life in Texas, but things turned south when I was being stalked by an ex. No matter where I would go, he would follow me, and I feared for my life. I don’t like to run, but I had no choice. I looked for apartments for rent in Las Vegas and moved to a nice one to get away from my ex. I hate the fact that I had to change my life around because of someone else acting crazy, but that’s just the way things turned out.

The move to Las Vegas isn’t all bad. The apartment where I live is pretty nice. I like to think of it as an upgrade to the tiny living space I was in before everything went south. Continue reading Ran Away to Vegas and Never Looked Back

We Found a Nice Apartment to Call Home

The only important thing to me about moving was making sure I was moving into an area with a great school system. I had researched all of the school districts, so I knew which one I wanted for my two kids. I started looking at apartments in Stone Oak since I had narrowed down the search perimeters for our new home, and I was pretty amazed when I found where we were going to live within minutes of beginning my search. I was looking just for an apartment that we would all be happy living at, but I found a place that we can happily call home instead.

There were two floor plans I could look at, because I definitely wanted us to have a three bedroom unit. My husband and I would take the mater bedroom, and I wanted the boys to each have their own bedroom rather than having to share one like they have up to this point. Continue reading We Found a Nice Apartment to Call Home

Produce Scale for Kitchen Use

I have been starting too cook on a much more regular basis, and I am really starting to enjoy it. I want to get a produce scale to use in the kitchen in order to make things a bit more precise. I know that people don’t necessarily use scales to weigh their produce on a regular basis, but it is pretty important, depending on the dish that you are making. You could also be someone like me, who likes to keep recipes precise, so that they can be replicated as closely as possible from time to time. I get annoyed when a recipe calls for a medium onion, or something like that. It just really is subjective as to what people consider to be a ‘medium onion’.

So I plan to weigh the ingredients I use in dishes going forward, even for ones where I don’t have measurements in weights. Continue reading Produce Scale for Kitchen Use

I Look Great Now After I Got Some Extra Help

One and a half years ago, I went to the doctor for what I thought would be a simple visit for a annual physical. While there, I remembered to tell him a couple of things that did not seem to be a big deal. But he said that it would be good to do some tests to make sure. Two weeks later the results showed that I had cancer. Fast forward to now, and I have been through cancer treatments and find it funny that I have been looking for afro kinky human hair extensions after losing all of my great hair. It has been an interesting ride for sure.

I think that most people are not prepared for everything that a person goes through when they have cancer. I sometimes think that I would have been more at ease if I had known about many of the things long before I found myself in the position of needing to do this or that at doctor’s visits or what would come after. I always thought that chemo and radiation simply made you better and that there were next to no side effects other than losing your hair. But the truth is that both can leaving you feeling not very well, and there is an emotional toll that comes with losing your hair. I kept a hat on when I went bald because you get really cold without one.

I could not wait until my hair grew out because I wanted it to get long enough so that I could put in some extensions. They let you have a full head of hair again without having to wait a couple of years for it to all grow back fully. I knew from friends that it can look completely natural, and it’s true because people who had not seen me in a few years had no idea that it wasn’t all my own hair.

Best Site for Free Radio Hosting

I am glad that in this modern era we are able to listen to free radio on the internet. I remember days when there used to be great radio stations that would come in over the airwaves, but that does not seem to be the case anymore. Or at least, it does not seem to be the case where I am living. Maybe it is elsewhere, but not here. Luckily, there is Shoutcast, which I can use to listen to thousands of free radio stations from all across the world, and I have found dozens of them that I really like. Continue reading Best Site for Free Radio Hosting

Doing Some Work on the Grid

I needed some work and I did not mind the fact that this involves a large amount of physical effort. I am working at the head of a crew which is clearing brush out of the power line right of ways for a couple of the major energy providers in texas. It is not a well established company and so we do not have a huge amount of equipment that is sparkling new and I am mostly working with stuff that is sort of hard used equipment. I got the job because I have experience all of my life in fixing this sort of stuff on my grandfather’s ranch. Continue reading Doing Some Work on the Grid

Improve Your Laptop for Better Online Gaming

land of chaos online game - 1920x1200 - 299931If you are going to be someone who does online gaming regularly whether it is Halo, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, or some other online game, you will want to make certain that you have the correct setup to help you with playing. Many who are just starting out with gaming find that their computers will freeze at a critical moment in the game or maybe it will just just down, others have found that it is taking their computer a long time to respond when they ask it to do a task. This is pretty common with online gaming and it usually means that you have a system that is not equipped for gaming. There are two main ways to improve this and get you playing again.

First, you want to check on your system in general. If you can afford a new computer, that might be the best way to go. The more updated the processor in your computer, the more likely it will be to handle the high powered action required of an online game. If getting a new system with updated hardware is not possible, then you will want to check your computer’s RAM memory. Find out how much it currently has and what the maximum your system can take is. Continue reading Improve Your Laptop for Better Online Gaming

I Am Quickly Getting Addicted to WoW!!

My brother recently introduced me to playing mmorpg games. I have never played a single game like this in my life and I am finding it hard to get interested. I really want something to help me pass the time and I think this would do the trick, but I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I have tried reading the books that came along with the game he got me and I have used the in game tutorials, but I am still lost.

The game he gave me was World of Warcraft. He has played it for quite a few years and really seems to enjoy it, but obviously he knows what he is doing. I guess I am looking for some tips on how to play the game. I need to know how a person just experiencing the game for the first time would go about getting started. I have gotten as far as creating a character and killing stuff, but I am fairly certain there is more to it than that. Continue reading I Am Quickly Getting Addicted to WoW!!