Produce Scale for Kitchen Use

I have been starting too cook on a much more regular basis, and I am really starting to enjoy it. I want to get a produce scale to use in the kitchen in order to make things a bit more precise. I know that people don’t necessarily use scales to weigh their produce on a regular basis, but it is pretty important, depending on the dish that you are making. You could also be someone like me, who likes to keep recipes precise, so that they can be replicated as closely as possible from time to time. I get annoyed when a recipe calls for a medium onion, or something like that. It just really is subjective as to what people consider to be a ‘medium onion’.

So I plan to weigh the ingredients I use in dishes going forward, even for ones where I don’t have measurements in weights. I am going to try to match the amounts closely to what the recipe calls for, and then weigh how much I actually put into the recipe. Then I can guage if I put in too much or too little, and make adjustments going forward. Eventually, I should have pretty exact numbers on the amount of weight of a particular vegetable or what have you to put in various recipes.

That is my goal anyway, and maybe after a few years of experimentation, I will sit down and write a book about it and what I have learned through the process. I am not really sure that will happen, but it is a nice thought. Maybe it will work out like that for me, maybe it won’t Either way, I am going to enjoy cooking as much as I can in my kitchen going froward, and I regret I didn’t start doing this years ago.