Ran Away to Vegas and Never Looked Back

It seems like time flies by so quickly. Last year I was living a completely normal life in Texas, but things turned south when I was being stalked by an ex. No matter where I would go, he would follow me, and I feared for my life. I don’t like to run, but I had no choice. I looked for apartments for rent in Las Vegas and moved to a nice one to get away from my ex. I hate the fact that I had to change my life around because of someone else acting crazy, but that’s just the way things turned out.

The move to Las Vegas isn’t all bad. The apartment where I live is pretty nice. I like to think of it as an upgrade to the tiny living space I was in before everything went south. It’s so spacious that I could probably have a couple of more people living in here with me, and it’s only a single bedroom apartment. It’s located near all of the best shops and restaurants. Living on my own does get a little lonely sometimes, but at least I don’t have any crazy people to worry about. Maybe I’ll get a dog to keep me company.

Although I could possibly move back to my old home at some point, I would rather stay in Las Vegas. It’s just a much better place to live than Texas. Not to mention there are casinos just a short distance from the apartments, so if I want to do a little gambling, all I have to do is hop in the car and drive. I don’t really have a lot of luck, and I don’t know any card counting tricks, so most of the time I lose at the casino, but once in a while I win something.