Renting a Spotlessly Clean Apartment Was One Thing I Required

For our new apartment at Woodbridge, I like the big living room and the fireplace. Having a fireplace is a great touch for an apartment. You can click here to see pictures of apartments there that have them. The solid countertop with the sink molded in is really nice in our bathroom. I like surfaces like that. They are so much easier to keep clean. Having two swimming pools to choose from at the apartment is nice too.

There are just to many amenities to go over. We liked this place from the moment we saw it online. There are huge closets, and the common areas are great. That is where we go to have a bunch of people over for a birthday party or other event. Now we end up inviting a bunch of neighbors that we have met too. We have been enjoying our new apartment immensely. It is the perfect place for us to live.

We have two bedrooms and two baths. We have a breakfast area and dining area that are separate. Plus, we have a nice patio. We also have a washer and dryer in a space just off from one of the bathrooms. It is very nice to have a washer and dryer in the apartment. I have never liked going to a laundromat since my first experience with it back when I was going to college. It is just creepy to be washing your clothes in washers where other people are washing their underwear, towels and washcloths.

Our new apartment was spotless from the first day. Sure, I went over it and cleaned it, but it did not need it. There was no leftover grime from the previous tenant. The place was clean as a whistle and ready for us to move in. I am very happy there were no leftover signs or smells from the former tenant. They really take care of things here.