Switching from Owning a Home to Living in an Apartment Just Got a Whole Lot Easier and Nicer

My wife and I wanted to downsize from taking care of a home. We traveled a lot in our motorhome. North Carolina is our home base, but there is a lot to see in this country. We like seeing fall foliage in the northeast, and we like it back here in North Carolina or even a bit farther south in February. It was tedious arranging for landscaping and all the house stuff necessary when we go traveling. Then I discovered a website that had these really nice apartments that are opening up in the fall of 2017. We had talked about moving into a nice apartment, but nothing ever struck our fancy until we discovered Tindall Park Apartment Homes. Now that is a cool place under development.

I was looking at the floor plans and see that you can have a separate laundry room. An actual room where you have your washer and dryer and space to store things as well as fold your clothes, iron and other stuff. I say that because in many apartments you do not have actual spaces or rooms to do all the things you want to do. You have to compromise and maybe use the dining room table to fold laundry or do paperwork. The apartment we were looking at has its own office along with a very nice living room and bedrooms. We are considering a three bedroom apartment to have family over for the holidays. That is the one time of year we stay home for.

It was the semi-circular veranda that caught my interest. It is a nice big outdoor space. We don’t have to give up our nice deck we have at home. They do not have a swimming pool, but that is okay. We are not much into swimming anyway. They do have a fitness center, and that means I can sell our old stuff we have for working out in the garage. We retired early, and we like to travel. We did not want to compromise on a space to live in at home, but we no longer wanted to keep a house. These Tindall Park Apartment Homes are just what we are looking for.