We Are Moving to Dallas

We are moving across the state next week and I am going to go start looking for a place. It is going to be Northwest of the city of Dallas, so I am looking for apartments for rent in Lewisville TX or maybe in Flower Mound which is right beside it. Either of them would be pretty good for me, but it is not that important where I live in all honesty. Sheila is going to be going to an office in the morning, but I am really not going to be leaving home on some days and on other days I am going to be working in the car. I have a territory to cover it seems, although I really do not have much of an idea how to do that just yet. There is a guy that I am going to replace and he is going to teach me what I am supposed to do.

So far I am sort of wondering how this guy held this job so long without getting thrown in jail or being wrapped around a tree or a phone pole. I mean the guy drinks almost constantly. You are in sales, so obviously you take clients out to lunch and it seems like a couple of drinks are required for every meeting. He never seems to be completely hammered, but he is definitely buzzed any time after lunch. I keep asking him if he wants me to drive, but he is having none of that. Obviously I do not like much getting in the passenger seat and I can tell quite clearly that he is not quite flying in formation. It does not take that much of a handicap to get you killed when you are behind the wheel of a moving automobile.