We Didn’t Settle for Less

My husband started out as a floor maintenance man at a local company when we first married. He took advantage of their education programs, and soon he was the foreman of an entire division in the factory. He was not satisfied with stopping there though. That was nearly a dozen years ago, and he was just promoted to run the entire eastern division of the company. That did mean we had to relocate to Atlanta, where company headquarters is, but we were only too glad to do that. I looked at the website for an apartment complex that came highly recommended to us, and I could see why.

We were not sure if we wanted to live in an apartment or if we should buy a house, but looking at the apartment website made the decision very easy on us. It is just the two of us, so we only looked at one bedroom units, as we just did not need a lot of space. What interested the two of us even more than what was inside the apartment were all the amenities offered for anyone living here as well as the location to the downtown area.

We are so close to his work that we can meet at the park during a lunch break and have a picnic together. After we are done, he walks back to work and I walk back home. It takes mere minutes! When he has a day off, we might go bike riding on one of the trails, or sometimes we just stay at the complex and go swimming or take part in one of the planned activities that are always going on for the residents here. Neither of us knew that life would look this good so many years later, and it is all because my husband did not want to settle for less than either of us deserves.