We Found a Nice Apartment to Call Home

The only important thing to me about moving was making sure I was moving into an area with a great school system. I had researched all of the school districts, so I knew which one I wanted for my two kids. I started looking at apartments in Stone Oak since I had narrowed down the search perimeters for our new home, and I was pretty amazed when I found where we were going to live within minutes of beginning my search. I was looking just for an apartment that we would all be happy living at, but I found a place that we can happily call home instead.

There were two floor plans I could look at, because I definitely wanted us to have a three bedroom unit. My husband and I would take the mater bedroom, and I wanted the boys to each have their own bedroom rather than having to share one like they have up to this point. When I saw the Dominion floor plan, I knew it was what we needed. It even comes with a garage on the lower level, which is just too wild because I didn’t even know apartments came with garages. I guess Texas really does do everything bigger and better!

The floor plan on the main level is what I really liked the most. My husband and I have our bedroom on one side of the apartment. We have a really nice bathroom with two sinks, a separate area for the toilet, and the biggest walk in closet I have ever seen. The boys have their bedrooms on the other side, and they share a bathroom there. There is even a loft on their side where we have a desk with the family computer on it. We all love it here, and I just feel blessed that we were able to find such a nice apartment.